Legal Affairs

1. Family lawsuits

Consensual divorce lawsuit

Unilateral divorce lawsuit (on behalf of the spouse)

Dowry claim and property seizure lawsuit

Exit ban lawsuit

Follow up on lifting the exit ban

Custody and visitation of children

And other claims within the jurisdiction of the family court

2. Exit ban and its lifting

A travel ban is an order imposed by a judicial authority due to special arrangements for the availability of a person, and the person banned from leaving the country will not have the right to leave the country until it is lifted.

3. Property management located in Iran

1- Buying and selling any kind of property

2- Dividing the share of inheritance or any kind of joint property with the agreement between the partners and in case of disagreement, filing the necessary complaint and lawsuit in the court

3- Renting any kind of property

4- Leasing the property and arranging the necessary and legal contract with the counterpart and establishing a standard and appropriate legal relationship with the counterpart

5- Concluding any kind of legal contract regarding any kind of transaction with individuals, persons and organizations on behalf of them, regardless of whether the subject is the transfer of property or any kind of work.

6- Preventing or eliminating the seizure of property located in Iran

7- Civil lawsuits and contracts for Iranians living abroad

4. Information on the lawsuits of Iranians living abroad

Sometimes, for various reasons, a legal or criminal or executive or administrative lawsuit may be filed against an individual. The plaintiff with different motives may prefer to inform the defendant about the lawsuit or to inform him according to his interests, despite the integrated Sana system and electronic filing of the lawsuit, although this issue has been largely avoided, but it is still possible for people to sue you intentionally in your absence.

5. Permission to marry foreign citizens